Celebrate Summer

Summer Time...(Explore....12/4/15)

There is no turning back
We must walk through the fragrant meadow
Wildflowers wave in rainbows
As the wind softly stirs

Behind is the chill of winter
Gray and bare
Leafless trees shivering
Melting now gives way
To emerging spring’s light days

Ah spring we wave a hasty goodbye
For we must run to embrace summer
Laughter of children and the wind
Dare we to separate them now?

Even the bird’s song is more melodious
Butterflies abundant and light
Flitting from flower to flower
And oh those spectacular nights!
A celebration of stars dotting the sky

Fragrant potpourri of flowers
Every artist’s dream
Bursting like fireworks
Oh what splendor is seen

The sea
The sand
The air
The trees
What joy there is
In every breeze

We must inhale every moment
Savor the beauty
If you please
A feast for our eyes
Catch the summer
Ah, it is a tease!

Photography Credit
Gary Neave
<a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/106365084@N07/16957739749&quot;


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