Mothers Are Special


There is no love like a mother’s love,
no stronger bond on earth
Like the precious bond that comes from God,
to a mother when she gives birth.
A mother’s love is forever strong,
never changing for all time
And when her children need her most,
a mother’s love will shine.
God bless these special mothers,
God bless them every one
For all the tears and heartache,
and for the special work they’ve done.
When her days on earth are over,
a mother’s love lives on
Through many generations,
with God’s blessings on each one.
Be thankful for our mothers,
for they love with a higher love
From the power God has given,
and the strength from up above.

Photography Credit
Rise Liao
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5 thoughts on “Mothers Are Special

  1. … To see the world love him …… Love him ….. 10 months and 10 days that you have conceived …… … The foot of the gardens you have to love him ……. She is the mother of ….. …

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