The Eternal Tree ~ Happy Earth Day !


I am Alive
Forever and always
Essence Rebirth Renewal

I have earth to ground me
I have wind to move me
I have fire to cleanse my spirit

I have rain to quench my thirst for growth

I have sun to enlighten me, feed me
I am my own mother

and an extension of the whole
I am Earth
wind rain sun fire
I am as old as life
and I am as young as time

I am shelter to those who seek me
I am a bird, a flower and the breath
of the earth itself
I am exactly where I want to be. I am life

I am first and last, the beginning and the end, I am one from many

I am what I am. I live, I grow and I die.
I am reborn unto myself
I am the great circle

My limbs know no boundaries

while my leaves whisper

The one truth of the whole through the seasons changing

colors that I wear upon my heart’s sleeve,

I am home to Earth Mother’s melodious life,

I sing for the whole world to hear.

Trees are Earth Mother’s Song.

Blowing ’round the leafy globe,
eyes of the world song of the Mother.

Breath of the living, soul of the earth .
Photography Credit
Cuba Gallery
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