Blumen Blühen (Flowers Blooming)~

Cindy, what lovely pictures. Happy Earth Day. I would like to share with my readers. Thank you! Hugs! Veraiconica

Poppies tell us,
spring has come.
Sweet peas climb,
and scent the air.
DSC02567 (1)
Soon the blooms outshine the sun!
Cheers to you & Happy Spring~

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6 thoughts on “Blumen Blühen (Flowers Blooming)~

  1. The flowers are beautiful,I only have one red flower dancing in the wind and rain, and the tulips are
    loosing there wings
    great post V

    • Vlad, thanks to Cindy we all can enjoy these beautiful pictures. I am sorry to hear, that your tulips are bloomed out, but I am sure, you will have new other flowers coming up soon. Veraiconica

  2. I have a Beautiful lady that visits me and takes care of all my flowers,I can’nt wait until she arrives

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