The Earth Mother

A family moment. (Explore)

Mother Earth she tends and keeps me on the path that’s right and true
Sends me blossoms soft as satin painted each and ev’ry hue
Tall Oaks and Ash and Willow, Elders, Chestnut and the Thorn
These, my brothers and my sisters – and I’ve seen each one being born!

Like a wisp of smoke at sunset, twisting gently to the sky, I
Watched the tall trees gently growing ever stronger ever high
Seen men tend, with love and caring, seen men toil and cruelly sway
They may try to, but they’ll never, take my spirit, Earth, away.

If you neglect a growing garden, leave it choking in the weeds
You’ll hear Mother Earth a-weeping as her poor heart gently bleeds
Cut her trees and hear her crying, in the wind that softly moans
Mother earth she’s out there watching in the soil, the rocks, the stones.

She’ll rise up again to spite you, for you cannot cut her down
She’s the colours of the Autumn – ev’ry red, each gold, each brown
She’s a summer sun at sunset, she’s the winter’s icy blow
The most beautiful of women that you know

Her voice is of the Raven, of the Linnet, of the Lark
She sings long with the wind song in the long and lonely dark
Hear her roaring on the ocean, hear her sighing in the breeze
Hear her whisper sweetest nothings to the trees

She lives within your memory. She is deep within your soul
She keeps you and sustains you. She’s the breath that makes you whole
She’s the sun that wakes each morning. She’s the moon that lights the dark…
She’s the tree of life – and you’re in ev’ry root, each bough, her bark!

Mother Earth she tends and keeps me, she’s my calm in every storm
She’s an icy blast of Winter, she’s a misty Autumn morn
Tender are her arms about me. Strong to nurture swift to care
Mother nature watches o’er us, everywhere!

Photography Credit
Alexandra Rudge
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