Life Is Like A Flower


Life is like a flower it starts from
a tiny seed, and grows from there.
Add the warmth and light from the sun,
water, food, and someone who
cares enough to allowed the grace of
change. And as if by magic the roots
spreads, green leaves appear, and then
it bud, blossoms and blooms for all to see.

The child is like a flower who has been
been fed, taught, and cared for by you
and has come forth a beautiful bud, that will
blossoms and bloom and spread its roots.
Just as the flower in your garden will never
need what it once needed, nor will your child,

As you stood in the garden and watched the
flowers grow a tiny bit each day, you were its
advisor. No words were needed, it was like
two lovers staring across a room, you knew
if it needed more love, water, sunlight, or
food to grow.
The same with a child your words may not be
law any longer, but from time to time you
will become their advisor. And they will love
you for allowing them the grace to change in
your hands.

God has given both the flowers, animals, and
humans the grace to not only overcome things
we face, but to overcome the effects of things
we face.
Just like the flower we do not know what tomorrow
will bring, so we enjoy the beauty of today, and
let tomorrow take car e of itself
Life is like the flower it starts from a tiny seed,
and no one is exempt from challenges
Breathe in the fresh air, let out the stale air,
for just like the flower in our garden, a new
morning is dawning.

Photography Credit


Flower by ►CubaGallery on Flickr.


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