You Are Me

Rose (Pierre de Ronsard)

You are me and I am you.
It is obvious that we are inter-are.
You cultivate the flower in
yourself so that I will be beautiful.
I transform the garbage in myself so
that you do not have to suffer.
I support you, you support me.
I am here to bring you peace
you are here to bring me joy.

Photography Credit


Rose (Pierre de Ronsard) by yamabuki*** on Flickr.


14 thoughts on “You Are Me

      • I didn’t want you to think that I read your posts because of the photos, I was complimenting them but I read you everyday, you’re actually my daily inspiration and truth. WE just started a new project ….
        We list value added blogs, medium value and no value blogs based on their originality and donations. In other words do you and can you justify asking for donation?
        Check it out and let me know what you think. You are already on my list as Top Value Blog

        • Dear Ines, I feel deeply honored, that you are reading my blog every day and that I am on your list as Top Value Blogs. As for now I do not want to put up a donation page. This is my little contribution, to add a little light into this troubled universe. It is giving me a lot of joy, to do this. Thank you so much! Hugs! Veraiconica

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