Angel Of The Night

As veils of twilight fall
She rises;
Wings of midnight blue outstretched
Her voyage to embark
To soar the velvet black of night
Gathering stardust in her flight,

She waits.
The stillness her companion
As she glides;
Their fears, loneliness
She gathers as they sleep,

Sleep on now
That she may unravel
This tumultuous night,
Calm them in daydreams
Beauty and light,

No thunderous sound
Shall they hear;
Calm of the ocean
Love is forever near,

She captures all that is useless
Painful, aside
This nocturnal mission
She must abide,

Peace to those;
Dream on for a while
Across their faces
She sees a smile
On wings of midnight blue
She’ll soar
Sweet souls
Her quest;
Pain no more.


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