Farewell to Summer

~~~~  summertime and the livin is easy  ~~~

The last days of summer,
Are like a sad reminder,
Of the wondrous beauty,
That was part of this season.

It’s a sad time,
As the days become cooler,
And the songbirds quieter,
The evening shadows longer.

It will soon be time,
For birds to take wing,
And fly to southern lands,
Leaving behind the hope of a new spring.

Soon autumn leaves will color the trees,
And swirl about us in reds, browns, yellows and oranges,
The wind will be much cooler,
And no matter what we wish, it will be summer goodbye.

Summer always seems so brief,
The lazy, hazy days just fly,
Before we even know it,
They have flown.

I walk through my garden,
Everywhere a reminder,
Of the changes and I know,
That soon I’ll be waiting for a new summertime.

Photography Credit


~~~~ summertime and the livin is easy ~~~ by jmb_germany on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Farewell to Summer

  1. Beautiful poem. This was the most “summer” summer we’ve had in the 44 years I’ve lived in the Seattle. It has never been this hot or been sunny for so long. Quite a remarkable experience. Tonight’s rain feels really good though.

    • Karuna, glad you liked the poem. Yes, it surely has been one of the nicest summers in this area. I actual live close by . Have been living here this long too and remember a very nice long summer in the mid 80’s. Wishing you a nice sunday! V.

      • Wow, you have a good memory! I remember a couple of winters from way back but mostly just general impressions. Thanks for the well wishes. I wish you the same.

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