Lessons from a hummingbird


Drifting in the air was the smell of freshly mowed grass,
roses, and my peppermint gum. That I chewed and
crushed between my teeth, and tongue, just like a cow
chewing grass. Every once in a while a pink velvety
bubble would be seen coming from my mouth that popped
and stuck to my face like glue.
Suddenly I heard a humming sound that reminded me of
bees, coming from the sun colored roses. I didn’t want to
get stung so I careful lend over for a closer look.
What I saw was mother nature at its best ! It couldn’t of
weigh more then a penny. The humming bird was about
the size of my thumb. It was dressed in mother natures
coolest colors. and the wings were beating faster then the
blinking of an human eye.
As I watched the tiny bird I learned many lessons of life.
The humming bird stops if it finds itself going in the wrong
direction or to seize its miracle moment and would
stop and hover just like a helicopter. It took time to smell
the roses.
A person should also be like the humming bird, if they
have become accustomed to a thought or habit they too
need to stop what they are doing and change their minds.
And take time to enjoy the simple pleasure’s of life.
It took trust for this small bird to stop, and watched me.
The basis of any relationship is trust, and if we cannot trust
ourselves how can we trust others?
The biggest lesson I learn from the humming bird was be
good to yourself. stop and enjoy the beauty in your life, and
the blessing your Higher Power blessed you with. Spread
that love around, as does this tiny bird.
Many of us may of been abused, divorced, abandoned, and
just like feeding wood to a fire the anger grows and grows
deep inside of you. No one came to help or intervened, or
even help you throw some water on the fire.
When were rejected it hard to feel good about yourself,
and stop and be more like the humming bird, which
does not allow any one or things views of them, too
control the way they see themselves. They know that too
much power to give anyone.
I hope the next time you see a humming bird buzzing like
an insect. Take a moment to enjoy the color of its soft
feathers, its two feet, and its wings that balance it just
like wings of an airplane. Then notice its long bird beak ,
as the humming bird draws you to its sweetness, like you
would drink nectar from your own flower. And enjoy your
own company,seize your miracle moment, as does the humming
Just as water runs over your feet in a creek and never
passes this way again, nor will there be another moment.

Photography Credit artfreelance.me http://wp.me/p2Ag2U-6m1


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