Hold my world gently

Where has all the fun times gone?
Why is it so cold? Where is the sun?
Abandoned trees, a colourless place
Our world caved in what a disgrace
No more laughter no more games
Manic, panic grief and shames
Tears, depression, sadness around
Burning, yearning and lifeless sounds
Zombies walking speaking their right
Zombies listening so they don’t have to fight
Zombies performing to the great above
Zombies dying without ever finding love
Buildings demolished streets removed
Invasion, erosion what else has to be proved?
Alone, a drone plodding on with the day
Working, praying so it all won’t go away
The future is ours so why is it theirs?
Let’s look after our world and prove someone cares
Let’s enjoy the fruits of the air we breathe
But tread carefully and not be naïve
The planet is dying and many are standing by
Surely it’s enough to make any human cry
We don’t need more spaces to fill up homes
Car parking spaces or mobile phones
Surely we just need to stand to tall and say no
Tell the man just where to go
Let the world unite just once and hold hands
Become one voice like that in bands
It doesn’t matter of colour or creed
We just have to push back and say no to greed
Its time to change the way we live
Let our children know that it is better to give
Stand by our fellows as hard as granite
Let’s hope this year we can save our planet.

Photography Credit


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