Silver Butterfly

Silver butterfly

In a garden just like any other garden
was a silver butterfly wrapped in the
velvety petals of a sun colored sunflower.
Drifting in the air around it was a mixture
of fresh rain, and dust from a gentle breeze
that whistle every now and then.
As he flew out it dance as graceful as
any ballerina I every seen. Just like the
wings on a plane it has perfect balance.
No matter how foreign my garden may
seem to this butterfly, the Higher Power
had prepared him for it.
What made this silver butterfly so special,
was not what the human eye could see, but
what you could feel in your heart.
It just seem to know that this morning was
made for hope, not for regret, as it flew
just above the wet ground, sometimes floating
as if a feather, not a care in the world.
It was as if it knew today was a new day
filled with new opportunity just created.
The night has past, enemies have gone,
but today was a treasure waiting to be

Photography Credit


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