Wings Of White

Angels wings-1

The land I awoke too this morning was so peaceful and
serene. As I glanced outside my open window, I soon notice
the sky was painted with Mother Natures warm colors.
Drifting in the air was the smell of fresh rain, that mixed
in with my roses. Another beautiful morning and again I
asked God the same question, why am I all alone?

From the corner of my eye I seen a pair of snow colored
wings flapping up and down, reminding me of a fan, as a
cool breeze hit my face.The wings of white was as graceful
as a ballerina, and like the heavens at night, its eyes were
twinkling at me. He seem to be like me, all alone, as I
glanced and seen no other doves playing hide-an-seek under
my eves, or lined up in a straight line on the telephone

Wings of white I yelled, why is something as beautiful as
you all alone? Then the dove circled as if landing at a
airport, and landed on my shoulder. Just as a mother would
coo to her baby, it leaned over cooing softly in my ear. Its
head was the size of a coin, its feathers as soft as velvet.
Then I knew why the dove had come, to let me know I was
never alone, even on the most lonely of days.

Photography Credit


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