Wind Whispers In My Ear

Big Beach (Makena), Maui Hawaii

I heard the whispers of the wind in my ear, as I watched it
with delight.
It sailed a kite high into the sky, its movements reminded
me of a dolphin playing at sea, as it dives up and down in
the endless sky.

In the afternoon, I heard the whistling of the wind
reminding me of a child’s whistle.
Each tree was exercising ,as the wind stretch its
branches towards the ground. Leaves the color of
the grass, floated like feathers to the ground.

In the evening hours the wind was roaring as if a lion,
causing my skin to feel like sandpaper in the cool breeze.
Drifting in the air was tiny sand particles, that left a
taste of sand in my mouth.

The wind can be any where or place in the world at a
blink of an eye.
On some days the wind is as gentle as a mother rocking
her baby ,and the smoothing sound of ocean waves may
be heard all around you.
Drifting in the air is Mother’s Nature’s earthy smells.
Yet on others days, birds fly backwards, and the wind makes
you feel sad, as it blows everything away.

The wind is a reminder to make friends with change.
That no two days will ever be the same. Just as the
wind changes, so do the days.
Its God’s way of moving things along life’s pathways.
When it time to move on we have to be like the wind
and not look back. Change will come soon enough.
If you listen very carefully to the whispers of the wind,
you will learn a secret. That there will never be another
moment like this one.

Photography Credit


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