Spring is making its arrival
Tulips and Daisies everywhere
The Earth is undergoing God’s revival
Pretty ladies with roses in their hair

Birds are singing in the grassy meadow
The babbling brook granting wishes
People are more excited to say hello
While looking in the brook for fishes

Under the warm sun are sweet soft breezes
Plenty of sunny days to come
Moonlit nights are time for hug squeezes
Bells ringing and angels singing just for everyone

God gives us many gifts
The shore, the forest for evermore
Even standing on the tall Grand Canyon cliffs
With so much to see we’ll never bore

Let us enjoy spring’s sunny blanket
Warming up what the cold did to our core
Bare feet decorated with anklets
It is evident what we must Praise God for.

Photography Credit https://flic.kr/p/4D8DzQ


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