Angels In The Clouds

Angel in the Clouds

In the heavens in the shape of a snow colored cloud,
as puffy and soft as cotton balls, was an angel. She
was starring down at me, and I was starring up at her.
It was as if we were playing a child’ game of freeze tag,
both of us unable to move.
It was so quiet you could of hear a pin drop.
Like two lover starring across a room at each other no
words were needed.
Communications happen in unexpected ways between
people and angels, where no speech or words are needed.
I could look at her and know she had a concerned look,
that everything in the world was not well.
Gangs member shot and killed a seven-year old
Gas used on human beings
Animals that should be protected by a reserve being put to
death because of lack of money.
Health and money challenges
None of us were exempted from the challenges of life.
The angel in the clouds was just as concerned as we are
This angel offered friendship, and she understood our
daily struggles.
She loved us, just as we are, and she wanted us to know
were not alone.
She wanted us to know that the Higher Power sent us
angels to be with us on earth. You can tell an angel by their actions.
Communication happens, when a writer writes, and friendship
is a gift shared by mutual interest, and shared passions and all the lovely
things in life that bring people together.
Thank you, angel of the clouds for letting us know were not alone.

Photography Credit


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