The Greatest Gift

Autumn Glow

What is the greatest gift?
It’s God
Two people hugging
Looking into the eyes of someone on your
last day on this planet and knowing you
really mattered.
A family playing together in the park.
Grandma’s freshly bake cookies drifting
in the air.
Its parents looking at their new baby for
the first time and loving it even if has
eight eyes.
Its knowing your somebody when no one
else seems to care.
Having someone who cares as much as
you do when life seem cold and uncertain.
Its not being green when someone else shines.
An older person walking their dog.
Its two time travels traveling through time
Its Caring for someone when they are hard to love,
and need it the most.
Not abandoning someone because they made a
Its never hate!
What is the greatest you ask? Why its all the
things above, and more.
The greatest gift is love!

Photography Credit

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