When Angels Cry

Angel in the sky

When angels cry
they cry alone
under feathered frothy wings
between cumulus clouds

They curl in cracks
creating a rainbow
red the sclera
gold the flecks of hope
green the iris
turquoise the tear in the corner

No one sees the sparkling tears
though some humans feel a drop or two
but many go unnoticed

Their lashes whisk the dust away
fluttering blue sequin cracks
in what seems to be a curtain of grey

They cry for peace
watching brother and sister fight
They cry for mankind
and heartache
Times when no one
strokes the back of the needy

I cried with them once
but earth’s clay turned to mud
For I neither had the power
nor the ability to change the world

So I prayed
I prayed for my angel
to go elsewhere and come back
to cleanse the world a little bit
with one silver tear
Then cleanse me
that I might help make
a new humanity

Photography Credit https://flic.kr/p/8o4PjJ


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