Perfect Rose

A Rose is just a Rose.

The sky was blue as blue as could be, and reminded
me of the endless sea.
The sun was a circle of burning fire that sparkled
as if diamonds high above , that covered the land with
a warm blanket below.
In my grandparents garden stood a passion pink rose,
that stood tall and proud, as any solider seizing its
miracle moment.
On some of the petals were tiny raindrop falling down as if
teardrops from the night before. A tiny red bug with
tiny dots of black was playing a game of hide and seek in the green leaves.
It was a perfect rose of God’s design.
It was in a garden of many pink rose’s, yet it was still
one of a kind . A designer original!
Its smelled so sweet that bees landed and took off, as if
tiny planes on a runway, on the petals.
Just as He did this rose, God has put us together in a
way that can never be replicated. He chose every aspect
of out personalities, talents, and just like this rose
custom- designed each of us to fit a specific role in His
We are designer original as was each rose in this garden.
As Each petal was different on each rose, so is each of
our fingerprints, voice prints, and footprints .
The rose, did not know if it would live an hour, a day,
or a week, but enjoying every moment it did have.
And just like the rose we too should be seizing our
miracle moment, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Photography Credit


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