Strong And Beautiful


There is a reason for every
ounce of pain and sorrow,
if only to make us stronger
for what’s to come tomorrow.

We learned to fly
with broken wings,
into a sunrise without
knowing what it brings.

We discovered how to dream new
dreams when everything disappears,
and we perfected the smile
that shines through precious tears.

Somehow we figured out how to
love with a breaking heart,
and how to laugh inside a world
that keeps falling apart.

But above staying strong and
holding on to our pride,
we discovered that who we are
is what we are on the inside.

No matter what they say and
no matter what they do,
God’s brilliant undying love
will always keep shining through.

He made us strong and beautiful and
gave us hearts that reflect His grace,
so no matter what we go through,
we are always in God’s embrace.

Photography Credit


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