Being different


Drifting in the air was a mixture of sage and
The sky was the color of the sea, that stretched endlessly with no beginning or ending.
A slight cool breeze made each poppy move
gently as if they were waves in the ocean.
Sticking out of the poppies was sage that
reminded me of huge green cotton balls.
In the field of poppies was the brightest
orange that blinded the eyes, as if you had
looked directly into the sun itself.
However, the picture of nature was not what it
appeared to be. In the middle of the field was
something different, not more so, or less so,
just different.
One tiny snow colored poppy has stuck it
petals out among the sun colored poppies. A
humming sound could be heard as a tiny bee landed
and took off from the velvet petals, as if it
was a plane on the runway.
It was a reminder to us all, that each of us
are different, each in our own way. Even the
bright sun colored poppies were each as different
as the snow colored poppy. Not more so, or less
so, just differnt as God intended it to be.

Photography Credit


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