Changes are in the Air

"The Tree"

Any thing that grows will change,
look at the trees for example.
In the Spring the tree dresses in
soft blossoms of red, pink, and white.
And smells more fragrant then the
finest perfumes.
In the Summer it spreads it branches
reaching for the endless sky, dressed
in summer green’s. And provide needed
shade on sunny days . Among it
branches are the homes of many.
In the Fall the trees are dressed in
Mother Nature’s warm color, and when
a gentle breeze blows, shakes the
fabric from the trees.
In the Winter the trees are dressed
transparent and reminds you of a
skeleton. Its goes into a deep sleep,
as if a bear in hibernation. Icicles
hang from its branches, glistening
in the sun.
The tree, no matter how it is dressed,
is a reminder that everything in life
changes. Each season’s is a time for
a new wonders., waiting to be discovered.
If were going to survive, we must learn
to accept change, as does the tree.

Photography Credit


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