Shine Your Light

Happy New Year!!!!

Shine your light
to all those in need,
show them that the light you shine
is the light of love and compassion
that burns forever.

Shine your light
in the valleys of uncertainity,
shine with a radiance
as pure as your heart.
Let the power of love and understanding
guide your light forward
and onto paths of greatness.

Shine your light
of compassion and understanding
upon the shadows of those
who have lost their way.
Let them know
that you are the rock
in their life storms,
the beacon, that they may see
in valleys of their own despair,
the hands,that they may grasp
before they slip into the fog
of uncertainites and doubt.

Shine your light,
be that beacon for yourself
and your childrens children.
Let your light be eternal
long after your sunset
has given birth to the seed
of your shared wisdom
and the lasting meaning
of your shinning example.

Shine your light
and be part of the light
that guides us all
into the face of eternity.

Photography Credit


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