A Part Of Me ~ A Part Of You


In every breath we take
Each path we’ve walked
Crossing each other’s footsteps
Hearing each others talk;
We become a part of each moment
Intertwined with another
Strangers often brush our shoulder
Yet connected are we
As a sister and brother

Unique, not really
Their challenges we find
May bear different circumstances
Yet somehow so clearly define

We rise like the waves
To crest and fall
Searching the same shore
Adventures unfold
Leading us to that one door

Carried by the wind
Each hope, dream and pain
We meet with understanding
With hands outstretched;
No encounter is in vain

Millions before us
We hear them speak
In wisdom, in love
Their voices we greet

A part of you
A part of me
Carried by the wind
For eternity.

Photography Credit artfreelance.me http://wp.me/p2Ag2U-7Xf


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