Darkness To Light


As I lie awake gazing vacantly,
Staring ahead at the emptiness
Quietly the moonlight creeps in
Through the curtained window
Spreading her silvery glow
Upon me and all of the night.
The gentle glow of silvery light
Offers comfort to the mind,
And solace to the troubled heart
A dark cloud has surrounded her
Once again I am engulfed
In the creepy shadows of the dark…

Now I know and I am clear
There is an answer to this all,
The dark clouds don’t bother me at all
For I see the silver lining ahead
It no longer burdens me
The vacant mind is now alert
With plans for the work ahead
Arising,I brace myself
for the daunting task
Darkness has vanished, there’s light around.

Photography Credit artfreelance.me http://wp.me/p2Ag2U-6KZ


5 thoughts on “Darkness To Light

  1. Hi,
    Happy to see two of my verses out here. As the Photography Credit has been, it would be great if the primary source of the poem is acknowledged too, Thanks!

    • Hi Hema, I really did give your credit for writing the beautiful poem. Please look under the tags where it says Hema Ravi. Of course you need to get credit for your beautiful writing, I am just trying to find meaningful poetry and try to match it with a nice image and sharing it with my readers. It gives me great pleasure. Please keep on writing such beautiful poetry. Thank you! Veraiconica

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