Oh, beauty …
I can see you everywhere
I can see you in everything
You exist … you are there
In the eyes of a young girl … in a small baby laughing
In the flowers of Spring … in the moon at night shining
I see beauty everywhere
In a bird singing …. in the summer breeze
In an artist’s painting … in the leaves of trees
In the colors of roses … in dewdrops and rainfall
In the smiles on faces …in all creatures great and small
I can see beauty … I can physically feel it
It is a truth … never can we deny it
Beauty is God Almighty
Shining hope on man brightly
Refreshing his weary soul
Making him live pleasantly
So let’s appreciate it all
Beauty is God’s gift to humanity
Better seen when there’s human equality
Beauty lies in the very existence of Man
It is God’s eternal message for us to understand

Photography Credit


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