The Crux of Love


Power exists within us, it resides within a system that is divine yet mortal.
Empowerment that captures the essence of a truth we encounter as rational.
A reality that resonates with emotion that’s clearly valid or a vague reversal
of perception which are inherently as unique as its host yet morally universal.

Life is truly beautiful, as It is supposed to be so.
The world is beautiful, created by God to be so.
I would have wished that ugliness is only a descriptive language
and not an illustration of true human condition, we can disengage.

Yet we are here in this universe, always bound by its reality,
though we are free to pursue the many truths it offers randomly.
We can never escape the very limitation imposed by our Creator.
Our truth will be limited by the understanding of our mental labor.

Halfway between our minds and the unknown, truth is available.
God-given truth, painless, effortless, free to use and gamble.
Truth not needing to be further explored,
self-explanatory and ready to be stored.

Stored within or shared to everyone within our circle of influence.
Or beyond, if permitted by circumstance and good riddance.
But we are natural seekers of the unknown that often brings us perdition.
Unwarranted they appear at the seam, yet we explore it with much seduction.

Dignity, unchecked, is temporarily forgotten.
Life lived in wild abandon, morals left rotten.
Pride rules, prejudices abound and loathing.
Consequently, hurts become plain and seething.

Pain sets in, affecting self-esteem,
Pride, once high, for all to see.
Now, drowning in tears, so busy
as the raindrops falling in vast sea.

Realization beckons,
truth now reckons.
Lessons of LIFE learned alone,
now woven on moral fibers’ throne.

Throne of the truth, once found,
reality like LOVE becomes profound.
So thorough with gratuity of felt LOVE
that it now expresses divine LOVE.

God’s love giving rise to tranquility
that is very essential to humanity.
A feeling of divinity that is sensed,
all seen on earth, in heaven, fancied.

Where the unconditional gift is LOVE that reflects the heart of the giver
and manifesting the unconditional acceptance in the mind of the receiver.
Where human love is truly love – pure and humane.
Where divine love is surely on every human domain.

Love that speaks of pleasure that is unhampered by the ego’s guilt.
Love that speaks of contentment -inspired and which the spirit built.
Love that speaks of fulfillment of a psychological need to belong.
Love that speaks of happiness that is felt by the heart so strong.

Love that is conscious of its reality
but is assigned to God, without vanity.
Empowerment brings love into the world of people amidst natural chaos.
The same love that we bring into the lives of people we naturally choose.

A love that is exclusive in scope yet inclusive of everyone including our own.
Love’s edifying example both the liberating known and conquerable unknown.
We have a God-given gift to see love, in all its splendor, shown.
Seen in the beauty of truth, when in the soul, LOVE is enthroned.

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