Castle in the Sand ~ Haiku

pt 406

low tide creation
high tidal devastation –
castle made of sand


5 thoughts on “Castle in the Sand ~ Haiku

  1. Just fro your information and only because you do not know to ask but I hold 3 titles here in Florida for sand sculptures. In fact St. Pete, Florida is an international contest that I’ve taken best in show every time I entered. Your picture is not such a good castle and really a stretch to call it that however your words are delightful as expected. So I will thank you again for blogging and sharing it with all. claudy

    • Claudy, you must be great in building sand sculptures holding titles 3 times. Wonderful. This little sandcastle I encountered when going for my daily beach walk. It was build in form of a heart. So someone build for someone they loved. I wanted to capture this spirit of love. It was done so sweetly. Wanted to share this. Veraiconica

      • Beautiful as a backdrop to your simple but moving words and that is what I appreciated. It also could have been a small child thus putting it into another league all together. Then it would show a very creative loving disposition and nature. Actually it looks more like a young developing mind with the use of the collected treasures available. Now what do you think about that? I always enjoy your words because with closer interpretation there is so much packed into them! A trait I have come to realize with your writings. Thank goodness for that. Thank you very much, claudy

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