Thought for today february 1st 2014


Someone has defined genius as intensity of purpose:
the ability to do, the patience to wait…
Put these together and you have genius,
and you have achievement.

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8 thoughts on “Thought for today february 1st 2014

  1. I’m not sure but I think genius is a gift. I know one, my niece and guess why? She wishes she were normal like all the other kids. Makes mistakes on tests just to be normal because she is so abnormally intelligent. I tell her when she gets to college and older she will more appreciate the gift she has been given or stuck with depending on how you look at it! Thanks for your thoughts…..claudy

      • Agreed! I meant to say, “Guess what?” and not “Guess why?” We knew she was brilliant at a very early age and no matter she has the same needs we all have and one is to fit in! She is a Senor in High School and will start college Sept. She was identified as top 1% in the nation in 1st grade. Her younger sister who is very smart and will graduate from High School next year with a college degree! The smarter one choice not to take college classes in High School but had the chance. She wants to be normal. But getting free college because of her grades is now a reward she is appreciating and so is my brother. So it is still early in her life. I feel better esteem in the future. All this from your few words… Thanks Veraiconica PS I think I got the pronounce and love the meaning of name……

          • You maybe one too……genius! Seems likely to me! You know what they, meaning anyone who said it, say that even more important or relevant than intelligence is the amount of creativity! They are two different animals. Creative minds are probably more desirable if a choice could be made. Like bloggers like yourself…creative! Just a point! Thanks claudy

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