The Violin

. violin

She sleeps in her rose wood bed,
under a blanket of velvet red;
old and alone and forgotten,
she dreams of the love she once had.
Once again she recalls his caress
on the curve of her hips
and her breast
as he moved his bow
on the strings of her soul,
playing her sound
’til his passion was spent.
They traveled the whole world over,
to every city and town;
the maestro, his bow and violin,
bringing each curtain down.
He died in a cry of sweet refrain,
clutching her strings to his heart;
as he fell to the floor in a final encore,
tearing her world apart.
So she sleeps in her rose wood bed,
under a blanket of velvet red;
her strings still filled
with the song of her soul,
etched by the maestro
that loved her
so long ago!


Photography Credit Flickr.


16 thoughts on “The Violin

  1. Hi Veraiconica,

    I don’t know who you are, or how you came upon my poem, but I thank you for posting it on your Blog and sharing it with others. I too love pairing my poems with my poetry; and you captured the essence of the poem with this one

    In my first published volume of poetry, I had a picture of an old man playing the Violin.

    Elaine George

    • Dear Elaine!
      I really like your poem “The Violin”. I actually found it by chance on the internet, when I was looking for poetry and shared it on my blog.
      So nice, that you send me a little note. Keep on writing beautiful poetry. Veraiconica

  2. Thank you Veraiconica,

    Feel free to post any of my poems as long as you show me as the author. You can find my Sonnets, Ballades and personifications and others by going to your search engine and typing in poems by Elaine George.

    • Elaine,
      I will. I always show the author and give credit to the photography. Always searching for meaningful poetry and nice photography to share with my readers and give people some joy! Veraiconica

  3. Yes! But some who copied Violin from your blog site to their blog site did not.

    It is a wonderful thing you are doing and your site is very creative and inspirational. I will keep following.

    Elaine George

    • Elaine, I am sorry that some people are not doing the right thing, I always want to do things the correct way. Thank you for liking my little blog. I just want to bring a little light into this world in these difficult times. Veraiconica

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