Music of Life

Helen KNOOP@fineartandyou1

Our Nature

Nature dances to no ones rhythm except her own
She sits proud and arrogant on her thrown
She is inconstant, up one day and down the next bout
Like an ocean tide going in and out
Nature is born of the universe
Or is it that she is one with the universe
Nature is inconquerable
Nature is invincible
Nature is beautiful
With an abundance of mysteries, she is bountiful
Nature is original law
When there was no man, she was there before
Nature bore us
Nature is us

Photography Credit:

Helene Knoop | Norwegian Painter


4 thoughts on “Music of Life

  1. I don’t think Nature is arrogant; that’s a human projection. And, Nature is not invincible; humans’ have committed Matricide.

    • Genie, nature is not arrogant, but I think in the end nature will be invincible, even so humans are currently destroying the earth. I believe it only can go only so far. V.

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