Positive Energy – Where do you find it?

Thank you for this great advise, how to stay positive. A walk in nature does wonders for us. Walk barefoot, whenever you can.

We Listen To Mary Magdalene (Lady Nada)

We all face negativity…maybe at work…maybe at home…maybe with friends…certainly in the media. When was the last time you heard a “good” news story…or when was the last time you watched a movie or show that didn’t have violence or negativity embedded in there somewhere?

So what can we do to recharge ourselves and counteract negative energy?  Mary wanted to remind us that embracing nature is a quick and easy fix that can have you feeling right as rain in no time.  Just taking a walk in a nature park, or on a trail…getting a little bit of earth under your feet can lift your vibrations almost instantly.

Open all of your senses to the experience…let your eyes take in the colours; the organic shapes; the wispy flow of the landscape; the perfect imperfections found in nature. Let your feet feel the crunching of the leaves; the crunching of freshly…

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