New Years Resolution


A promise to start doing something good
An oath to stop doing something bad
On the first day of the year
and maintain the same for the entire year.

Making resolutions are definitely good
If they are properly understood
And we follow them
as much as we could.

There is no compulsion
to make a New Year Resolution,
But can be definitely tried for a ‘Self Evolution’
and help in achieving our long term vision.

So my dear pals, let’s welcome the New Year
By burying the past, as it brings tears
By forgetting the future, as it brings fears
Lets Live this Moment with a Smile
As it brings Cheers!


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolution

    • Thank you for reblogging! Really don’t know, if people take the time to look back, what they achieved during the past year.I personally like to reflect back and learn, what I can improve. V.

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