Twelve Christmas Angels


Twelve Christmas angels met
Up near the Milky Way;
To discuss why joy was missing,
From the Christmas holiday.

It gave them so much sadness,
As they tracked the negative trend;
So each decided to do their part,
To bring this madness to an end.

Angel one would touch memories,
Reminding of the blessings of life;
Angel two would tenderize hard hearts,
Removing bitterness and strife.

Angel three would gather families,
From far reaches of the earth;
Then stir feelings of love and peace,
Giving hope and joy new birth.

Angel four would return Merry
And Christ to holiday greetings.
Angel five would clear calendars,
To make time for family meetings.

Angels six would flame enthusiasm,
Angels seven would spread cheer;
Angel eight would grow generosity,
Angel nine would diminish fear.

Angel ten would dispel darkness,
By lighting colorful decorations;
Angel eleven would draw the lonely,
To warm and friendly celebrations.

Angel twelve would have the hardest job,
Bringing wonder back to each heart;
And reminding all the people,
Of how Christmas had its start.

So with haste they met the challenge,
And made everything all right;
They restored the joy and happiness,
Before that Christmas night.

So Merry Christmas then to one and all,
May every tongue employ;
And thank you Christmas angels,
For bringing back the Christmas joy!

2 thoughts on “Twelve Christmas Angels

  1. I wonder if the way through times like we are living in now is through the heart and mind’s expression and enjoyment of the Arts and the creativity and love they lead to. The loving and being in present moment is on the path to The Way……of love and peace.

    Your way to find happiness in moments and places is wonderful.

    Merry Christmas Veraiconica

    • Michelle, you are right. Times are not easy for many of us. I am putting out a lot of effort,t to focus my mind on the arts and beauty and on what we do have, to not add to all the negativity, which only drains us. If more of us collectively connect in love, we will overcome.
      I am wishing you too a very nice Christmas. Hugs! Veraiconica

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