How To Be An Angel Today

Thanks to : Why Quantum ~ Greg Kuhn

Macy's   You never really run out of opportunities to have influence. And you never know just who you might be having an effect on.

So tell the best-feeling, believable stories about all your potentially mundane daily tasks and routines.  After all, why waste a golden opportunity to build and further align your beliefs with your desires?  And why pass up the opportunity to have more fun and increase your joy?

What makes me want to discuss this today?

A trip to Macy’s Department Store in Philadelphia.  Where I recently took my Dad on a trip to the past.

Did You Know Santa Lives in a Department Store in Philadelphia?

One of my Dad’s favorite childhood memories is of his mother taking his brother, Doug, and him downtown to see the Christmas decorations in the Philadelphia department stores. Their annual favorite each Christmas was Wannamaker’s Department Store.

Wannamaker’s had an open-air central meeting area which rose five stories tall. They always put up a gigantic Christmas tree which, to my Dad’s young eyes, seemed to stretch to the fifth floor. In addition Wannamaker’s had a grand piano set up, on which a pianist played Christmas carols, and the rest of the area was decorated like a wonderland!

Dad and his brother never wanted to leave Wannamaker’s each Christmas. So transfixed were they; Dad thought Santa must’ve lived in that store.

Dad and I Created a Time Machine

So, with some time on my hands three weekends ago, I took my Dad to Wannamaker’s, which is now Macy’s. The decorations were just underway; the tree was up and being trimmed while workers also hustled to festoon the railings of each floor with the bright, colorful trimmings. Although Christmas carols were not being played, I could almost hear my Grandmother and uncle’s (both deceased) voices as I traveled back in time with Dad.

It occurred to me that the workers decorating Macy’s probably had no idea that their efforts were taking a grown man back fifty years and bringing him to tears. (Click that link to Tweet it) By the looks on some of their faces, they were stressed and bothered by a difficult chore they would probably rather not have to do.

What a shame.

What a shame for them. Only because they could’ve caught the very same joy we had – by telling themselves stories about the possibilities they were creating that day for transcending the mundane aspect of their jobs. All they had to do was tell better-feeling stories about the possibility that they were creating magic, because they certainly were for both of us.

Dad and I Manifested an Angel in Macy’s

And I’m happy to report that at least one person must’ve been doing just that.  A woman named Charlotte, looking about my Dad’s age, approached us as we stared, teary-eyed and transfixed, at the holiday assemblage.  She took my Dad’s hand, smiled warmly into his moist eyes, and said, “Merry Christmas.  I remember too.” (Click that link to Tweet it)

They gave each other a hug.  And I privately shouted hosannas to the universe for manifesting such a moment for us.

You Can Be Someone’s Angel Today, If You Choose to Tell Yourself Better-Feeling Stories

You, too, have the same opportunity each day. You never know who is watching you or who will be affected by the things you do today. Don’t pass up the opportunity to choose to enjoy your tasks, to transcend their mundane nature, through the stories you tell yourself and the meaning you give to things.

While doing so may add to others’ joy, you deserve the joy even more!

So if you see an old man crying today give him a smile and a wink. Because you might’ve just made his day and you definitely just made yours.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…

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