Angel Among US

Angel of the Morning

We each have a guardian angel
Here to guide us every day
And to guard us from the dangers
That we meet along the way.

You may not ever see your angel
But you’ll know you’re in his care
When you turn and see the pitfalls
That you didn’t know were there.

Some time when it is quiet
And the light is growing dim,
You may lift your eyes up quickly
And just get a glimpse of him.

He sends an angel frequency
That only you can hear.
If you keep your ear tuned to it,
He will come in loud and clear.

That voice of caution you had thought
Was only in your head
Is from the angel God has sent you
So you’ll never be misled

By false voices all around you
That would make you lose your way.
Thank God for your guardian angel
Every time you kneel to pray.


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