Skyline of Seattle in Washington State

Seattle, Washington and Mount Rainier

Please click on image to enlarge!

Seattle with it’s beautiful location all surrounded by mountain ranges,  the Olympic Mountains and Cascades. In the background you can see Mount Rainier.




11 thoughts on “Skyline of Seattle in Washington State

    • Veraiconica, I would like to have the images of “Skyline of Seattle in Washington State” and “Mount Rainier in Washington State”. Are you the photographer? may I purchase the .jpgs and the right to use them on a website?

      • Phillip, I took the picture of the skyline of Seattle. I am giving you the permission to use it. The picture from Mount Rainier is not mine, so please don’t use it.
        Thank you!

  1. Christine,
    The Pacific Northwest and Seattle is so beautiful. So much to see and also so much diversity from the ocean, rainforests and large mountain ranges. It reminds me a lot of Scandinavia, where I spend a lot of time before coming over here.
    I am happy I could share this!
    🙂 Veraiconica

  2. Hi Veraiconica, lovely post.On June 6 l and my wife are flying to The beautiful Seattle to take the ship to Alaska.Thank you for liking my post (In a Day ,Month…) Be well,regards.jalal

    • Jalal, what fun. I am wishing you a wonderful trip. That’s what I still would like to do, never made it up to Alaska. Hope you get to stay for a few days in Seattle, there is so much to see and do. Have a great time ! Veraiconica

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