Thought for today november 21st 2014

You must learn day by day,
year by year to broaden your horizon.
The more things you love,
the more you are interested in,
the more you enjoy,
the more you are indignant about,
the more you have left when anything happens.

Photography Credit


Krasi St M

The Little Things

The little things life holds…

The laughter of a child
The tears of a mother
The caress of a lover
The single perfect moment when things come together
A blazing sunset
A bright full moon
A lightening storm ripping through the sky
Rain running down my face mixing with my tears
To find joy in the little blessings
To be a witness to His glory

For I know all this would not exist without Him
and for this I bow my head and give thanks every day

Photography Credit


Yong Ki Park

Thought for today november 19th 2014

Throughout life people will make you mad,
disrespect you and treat you bad.
Let God deal with the things they do,
cause hate in your heart will consume you too.

Photography Credit


Alberto Di Donato‎

Angel Of The Night

As veils of twilight fall
She rises;
Wings of midnight blue outstretched
Her voyage to embark
To soar the velvet black of night
Gathering stardust in her flight,

She waits.
The stillness her companion
As she glides;
Their fears, loneliness
She gathers as they sleep,

Sleep on now
That she may unravel
This tumultuous night,
Calm them in daydreams
Beauty and light,

No thunderous sound
Shall they hear;
Calm of the ocean
Love is forever near,

She captures all that is useless
Painful, aside
This nocturnal mission
She must abide,

Peace to those;
Dream on for a while
Across their faces
She sees a smile
On wings of midnight blue
She’ll soar
Sweet souls
Her quest;
Pain no more.

Painted Ladies~


Cindy, thank you for sharing these exquisite images. Enjoy them so much and would like to share them with my readers. Hugs! Veraiconica

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Mother nature isn’t shy.
She paints her creations in exotic hues.
Attention getting.
The colors of the rainbow.
She paints them for us all!
Cheers to you from all of nature’s gorgeous creations~ <3

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Thought for today november 16th 2014


The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself.
It is not in your environment;
it is not in luck or chance,
or the help of others;
it is in yourself alone.

Photography Credit


P1010229 by Junk8d on Flickr.