Thought for today october 20th 2014


A tree is known by its fruit;
a man by his deeds.
A good deed is never lost;
he who sows courtesy reaps friendship,
and he who plants kindness gathers love.

Photography Credit


WildBerry_0381 by HVargas on Flickr.

The Child Within


As we grow with the passing of time
Life becomes more serious with less fun,
Life’s pressures lay heavily upon us
And with the passing of time
Less able we become.

We must re-awaken the child within
In our heart the child lives on,
A jewel that sparkles and glistens
We see again through the eyes of a child
We remember, wonders and magic long gone.

Life was meant to be a wonderful journey
But as adults we have many illusory fears,
When we awaken the child within
Our burdens become much lighter
And we become younger than our years.

Awaken the child within
And life becomes an adventure once more,
Look in wonder at birds in flight
Listen to the voice of Mother Nature
Feel the softness of the smallest flower
And you will feel your spirit soar.

In our heart we are forever young
And until we die we always will be,
Although the years have taken their toll
When we awaken the child within
From life’s pressures we will be free.

Photography Credit


Droplet by Pauline Brock on Flickr.

Branches Of Life

Autumn colors

We are the leaves on the tree of life;
Green,smooth reflecting the sun
We flutter in the breeze
Turning, twising on the branches
And with the seasons
We transform as is the cycle,
For some turning in glorious shades
Gold, bronze, crimson
Curling, drying then withering
Swept up by change to either
End tossed to the ground or be
Projected upward to the sky;
Who knows then where its
Destination will lie?
To seek the comfort and shade
Are we destined to be,
Or shall we go with the wind
Live our lives carefree?
We must continue the cycle
Set by destiny
We must be the leaves on the tree.

Photography Credit


Autumn colors by Master Pedda on Flickr.