What Is Love ?

Lotus Flower - IMGP5955

Love is the scent with the lotus born.

It is the silent choirs of petals

Singing the winter’s harmony of uniform beauty.

Love is the song of the soul, singing to God.

It is the balanced rhythmic dance of planets -

sun and moon lit

In the skyey hall festooned with fleecy clouds -

Around the sovereign Silent Will.

It is the thirst of the rose to drink the sunrays

And blush red with life.

‘Tis the promptings of the mother earth

To feed her milk to the tender, thirsty roots,

And to nurse all life.

It is the urge of the sun

To keep all things alive.

Love is the unseen craving of the Mother Divine

That took the protecting father – form,

And that feeds helpless mouths

With milk of mother’s tenderness.

It is the babies’ sweetness,

Coaxing the rain of parental sympathy

To shower upon them.

It is the lover’s unenslaved surrender to the beloved

To serve and solace.

It is the elixir of friendship,

Reviving broken and bruised souls.

It is the martyr’s zeal to shed his blood

For the well-beloved fatherland.

It is the ineffable, silent call of the heart to another

It is the God-drunk poet’s heartaches

For every creature’s groans.

Love is to enjoy the family rose of petal-beings,

And thence to move to spacious fields -

Passing by portals of social, national, international

On to the limitless Cosmic Home -

To gaze with looks of wonderment,

And to serve all that lives, still or moving.

This is to know what love is.

He knows who lives it.

Love is evolution’s ameliorative call

To the far-strayed sons

To return to Perfection’s home.

It is the call of the beauty – robed ones

To worship the great Beauty.

It is the call of God

Through silent intelligences

And starburst of feelings.

Love is the Heaven

Toward which the flowers, rivers, nations, atoms,
creatures – you and I

Are rushing by the straight path of action right,

Or winding laboriously on error’s path,

All to reach heaven there at last.

Photography Credit https://flic.kr/p/4N3GTD

The Child Within


As we grow with the passing of time
Life becomes more serious with less fun,
Life’s pressures lay heavily upon us
And with the passing of time
Less able we become.

We must re-awaken the child within
In our heart the child lives on,
A jewel that sparkles and glistens
We see again through the eyes of a child
We remember, wonders and magic long gone.

Life was meant to be a wonderful journey
But as adults we have many illusory fears,
When we awaken the child within
Our burdens become much lighter
And we become younger than our years.

Awaken the child within
And life becomes an adventure once more,
Look in wonder at birds in flight
Listen to the voice of Mother Nature
Feel the softness of the smallest flower
And you will feel your spirit soar.

In our heart we are forever young
And until we die we always will be,
Although the years have taken their toll
When we awaken the child within
From life’s pressures we will be free.

Guiding Star


Thank you for this beautiful poem, would like to share it with my readers. So happy, you got your blog restored. Veraiconica

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What is this world?
A whisper in an open meadow
Alive for a moment
Disappearing into air

What are you?
A ray that emanates
From an eternal Light
Born of a fire
That needs no oil or wood

Listen my child
All thats happened
Is but a gentle reminder
That you were made to
Surrender in patient faith

Tilt your face
To the place of prayer
And give yourself up
In both
Humility and trust

Do this.
Unveil the guiding star
On this journey you walk
So when the darkness comes
You’ll see the light
And know the way

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