Thought for september 1st 2014


Today I choose life.
Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy,
happiness, negativity, pain…
To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices -
today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.

Photography Credit


Pawel Kucharski

The Fullness of Life

Morning Dew

I am in question, I seek answers
My heart is constantly challenging me to experience the fullness of life
In asking myself what fullness of life entails
A flash of light visited my thoughts

The fullness of life is in the ease we move into and out of sleep
It’s our heart’s ability to pump blood with neither the manual nor maintenance
It’s the ease that the heart opens to love
It’s how tears sometimes visit our eyes be it for our pain or the pain of others
It’s the joy that we find from our experiences and the universal experience
It’s missing someone close to you, to the realisation that they miss you too

The fullness of life is in a stranger’s smile
Its how the soul sometimes prompts you to pray for someone you will never meet
It’s the beautiful clean scent of the morning breeze
It’s the happiness with which the flowers wave at us on a windy day
It’s never knowing what the sun, moon and stars say when they look at us
It’s never discovering how clouds call each other when they assemble to bless us with rain

The fullness of life is in saying, I love you
Not because you expect to receive I love you back but to honour your heart
Is saying I am sorry because your soul is aching for you to say so
It’s the inspiration that comes when we invest moments into the music of our souls
It’s the magnificence that used talents radiate
It’s the magic that lovers locking lips experience
It’s the fantasy and reality that one finds simultaneously in making love

The fullness of life is the peace that a prayer holds
It’s the miracle that a baby’s birth bring
It’s making mistakes and knowing that we have learned something from them
It’s reflecting gratitude for how we have grown
It’s laughing at how we were terrified by some past situation
It’s the times we fall and stand up again

The fullness of life is in the heartbreaks and how beautifully the heart repairs itself
It’s the moments we almost gave up
It’s the times we were so angry at God, disappointed at ourselves for feeling that way
It’s wondering if God sees that we are angry at Him yet knowing that God sees everything
It’s a unique experience for each soul

The fullness of life is in the certainty that we will die merged with the confidence to make plans
It’s the simple things, the seemingly big things, the important things and the seemingly non important things
The fullness of life is in every soul we will meet, the souls we will interact with and the souls we will not
The fullness of life is in the oceans, the birds, the mountains, the animals and flowers
The fullness of life is in the realisation that you will never know everything and the desire to explain everything

Photography Credit
Pauline Brook

Farewell to Summer

~~~~  summertime and the livin is easy  ~~~

The last days of summer,
Are like a sad reminder,
Of the wondrous beauty,
That was part of this season.

It’s a sad time,
As the days become cooler,
And the songbirds quieter,
The evening shadows longer.

It will soon be time,
For birds to take wing,
And fly to southern lands,
Leaving behind the hope of a new spring.

Soon autumn leaves will color the trees,
And swirl about us in reds, browns, yellows and oranges,
The wind will be much cooler,
And no matter what we wish, it will be summer goodbye.

Summer always seems so brief,
The lazy, hazy days just fly,
Before we even know it,
They have flown.

I walk through my garden,
Everywhere a reminder,
Of the changes and I know,
That soon I’ll be waiting for a new summertime.

Photography Credit


~~~~ summertime and the livin is easy ~~~ by jmb_germany on Flickr.

Thought for today august 30th 2014


Goodness is about character -
integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like.
More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.

Photography Credit


Takashi Suzuki